About us.

I crafted my first metal part when I was in high school. Ever since then, I have been designing and building mechanical stuff.

We live in Illinois, about 45 mins North of Chicago. In 2008, I started to get really passionate and involved into aircraft engineering. In 2016, I decided to create a small company with my wife to support the restoration of two Warbirds, a P40 Warhawk, and a Bf109 Messerschmitt.

Our vision is to make beautiful and accessible parts for you by leveraging new technologies. We would like to be known as your “go to” workshop every time you need something fabricated for your vintage aircraft or anything else too.

By working with us, you will contribute to the rebuilt of our 2 projects and 100% of our profits go into this endeavor.

When I’m not behind my desk, I wake up before sunrise and head into the workshop. I know, it sounds crazy! But follow me on Facebook to see some of the awesome parts that we are making for you.